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Welcome to the online consultation for the Hinckley Town Centre Wayfinding Strategy. Here you'll be able to view our proposals for new wayfinding signage and give us your feedback on these proposals. The consultation closes on 17th December 2021.

 The Wayfinding Strategy aims to improve the user experience of being in and navigating around Hinckley town centre. Delivering an attractive high quality signage system aims to welcome people make them feel comfortable and confident in knowing where they are and being able to efficiently identify and then get to their chosen destination.

 The intention is for the new wayfinding system to replace the existing signage in Hinckley town centre, as part of a phased programme of works and subject to confirmation. The proposed wayfinding system will support the wider improvements proposed in the Hinckley Public Realm Masterplan Strategy and improvements to heritage assets and public realm that are being supported by Heritage Action Zone funding.

 This website includes details of the proposals and a questionnaire which we hope you will complete to help us finalise our plans for a new, attractive and effective wayfinding system.

Hinckley Town centre map


Legible icon

Signage must be legible – type face size and colour.

Target icon

Signage to places, buildings and points of interest must be relevant, current and necessary.

Infinity loop icon

Signage must be designed with longevity in mind – future-proofing the elements through design can help avoid or minimise the need for costly maintenance or update works to mapping and content.

Street signs icon

Signage design and arrangement must seek to reduce street clutter

Overlappin circles icon

There must be consistency across the town centre in terms of the style and range of signage elements as well as the naming of destinations.

Training shoes icon

Increasing awareness of the walkability of Hinckley and the proximity of destinations to each other can be done by providing walking times on signage. This can help encourage walking and cycling as well as potentially reduce the demand for parking in the most central of locations.

Proximity icon

20-minute neighbourhood principles are a key driver for more resilient and sustainable town centres. Hinckley can benefit from these, particularly due to its size.

Eye icon

Signage must be visible and eye-catching in design terms and in the location / positioning within the street and public. Care must be taken to achieve optimal visibility at the site specific design and implementation stage.

Tourist icon

Signage will primarily serve visitors and tourists – people who are unfamiliar with Hinckley.

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